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Fun Funky Drills! Online Workshop with Oriana

Join Oriana for an exhilarating and inspiring Bellydance Workshop as we kickstart the New Year with a burst of creativity and fun-filled movement drills! Designed for both teachers and students, this workshop is an immersive experience aimed at reigniting your passion for dance and invigorating your approach to teaching.


Explore a dynamic blend of bellydance techniques, infused with innovative movement exercises that will unleash your creativity. Delve into a variety of drills crafted to enhance fluidity, expression, and individual style. Through engaging activities and guided sessions, discover new ways to infuse your choreography with freshness and originality. Saturday, December 30 10 am EST. 1.5Hrs long. Recordings available! $40 Sign up via: PAYPAL VENMO CASHAPP

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