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تريد أن تكتب لفانوس؟ نحن نبحث عن مقالات ذات صلة بـ Bellydance و MENAHT و SWANA حول الموسيقى والأزياء والمساعدة الذاتية وحياة الاستوديو والأعمال وفناني الأداء للمقابلة والمزيد. اترك لنا سطرًا للنظر فيه:

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.) How long should my Article be?
At least 1000 words/ 2 min read.  We have no limit on how much!

2.) Do you edit the articles?
We proofread them when they are uploaded.  But, you're human, we're human.  Typos happen. Just let us know and we'll get it fixed.  We do not edit your "voice" or sentence syntax.

3.) Are you available in print?
Not yet.  The cost of print versus demand for it is something we're thinking about....

4.) What do you need when I submit?
Your article, any photos/ videos you want to go with it (including direction on where you want those placed if desired), your head shot and a brief bio.  Don't forget anything you want to promote about yourself, classes or events!!

5.) What format should I use?
Google Docs and PDF work best, but when in doubt copy your article into the body of the email and attach your photos.  Send everything to OR use the form below!


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