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Using Facebook Ads Effectively

Jenn Possick “I know if I can get a potential client in the door once, they’ll keep coming back. But I’m not sure how to attract more people.”

“I’ve heard Facebook ads can work, but I’ve tried them and never gotten any results.”

Can you relate?

As a Facebook + Instagram Ads Strategist, I've heard this all the time from business owners.

Buuuuut Facebook does not make it easy.

Boosting posts wastes your money.

And the Ads Manager platform is not intuitive and constantly changing (Facebook just made updates this month to the layout.  And the month before that.  And the month before that.) 

You HAVE to know what you’re doing. 

And the first step is to have an effective strategy.

So let’s talk a little bit about effective strategies for local service-based businesses.

Here’s the thing: We buy from those we know, like, and trust.

This is true from large corporations to an individual.  

Need an example? If you have the choice to go to Target or Wal-Mart, which one will you choose?

If you live in the US, you most likely KNOW both stores, but do you LIKE both? Do you TRUST both?

Personally, I will choose Target every time. (Unless, it’s Thanksgiving and I accidentally threw out the last of our vegetable broth and my wife needs it to make the gravy and Wal-Mart is the only place open. Then I’ll reluctantly go there and apologize to the employees who have to work on Thanksgiving while being super grateful that they are open.)

Here’s the other thing: 80% of sales take 5-12 touchpoints.

People need to hear about things multiple times before they make a decision.

Because of this, I am a big fan of growing your email list so that you can nurture and promote to your list on a regular basis.

But for local service based businesses, you also want to give them some type of offer to turn them into a client right off the bat, some type of special offer to get them on your list, but to also get them in the door so that you can upsell them.

Here’s a few examples my clients have used:

Example 1

A chiropractor who typically has an initial visit for $75 offers a special for $27 for the exam, x-rays, and doctor’s report of findings.  

This does not include the initial adjustment. And once she’s given the exam she can upsell them on a package of services based on their needs.

Example 2

A pilates studio offering the first session for free.  Once they’re in the door, they can see if they like it, and then the trainer sells them a package of training sessions based on their needs.

Example 3

A hair stylist offering 50% off the initial cut and color.  While that’s a big discount, he knows that his clients love him and if he can get them in his chair once, many will become a client for life.

For a dance studio or teacher it could be a free class, a free week of classes, or a discount on their initial class.

Whatever the special offer is, be sure that when someone signs up for it, you’re there to follow up and upsell them into a package of services.

Once you’ve got your strategy decided, step 2 is to build your funnel to automate these prospects and set yourself up to run Facebook Ads.

This is a little easier to show you, so I’d love to invite you to learn more in my free on-demand masterclass - 3 Massive List Building Mistakes That Are Costing You Time, Money + Freedom + How to Fix Them

Click here to watch the masterclass: and then feel free to email me with any questions at

Jenn Possick is a Social Media and Marketing expert who has helped countless clients and entrepreneurs increase their sales revenue. She counsels on everything from Sales Funnels, email lists, using TikTok, Facebook name it! Jenn also gives seminars and business trainings on using marketing for any business type.

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