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The Baladi Babes are ALL THE RAGE

The California based Baladi Babes dance duo has been setting the bar for online dance shows this past year

Costumes by Eshta Amar

This past year has demanded that performance artists move shows online, and the Middle Eastern Dance community is no different. The good news is that with new formats come new opportunities, and where previously we were limited to local performers or costly travel expenses to fly in stars, we are now able to showcase dancers from around the globe in one show!

The Baladi Babes are now developing their third show featuring different styles of dance from throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Their First show “Remembering Reda” set the bar for online dance shows in the Middle Eastern Dance community. The producers were able to gather dancers who specialize and study this important history in Egyptian Dance, and honor the legendary choreographer Mahmoud Reda. Their second production proved to be an even bigger success, with all the talented dancers paying homage to the styles of the 60s and 70s of Middle Eastern.

These online shows quickly reached a global audience since it’s easy to log from anywhere, anytime. Featured dancers created unique videos for their pieces and pushed the creativity of Middle Eastern dance into a digital format. Audience members and performers alike gushed over the opportunity to become fans of artists about whom they might otherwise not have known.

Coming on Saturday, April 17, the Baladi Babes present their next production, “All the Rage” featuring popular dances across the Middle Eastern and North African region, and beyond! This show, starring dancers from the United States, Egypt, Spain, UK and Chile, is sure to delight all audiences regardless of their background or knowledge of the art form!

The show premieres at noon Pacific Time, and can be seen here: or here:

Show is free to watch , but please support our artists by sending donations via PayPal to

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