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Street Sha'abi with Mohamed Mshakel

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

A Spotlight Interview by Oriana What inspired you to get into street sha'abi, Mohamed? My life [has been in the] slums and it's the greatest job because you see everyone happy and you do everything you can to make everyone happy. The weddings are always on fire because you know in closed places like boats or hotels or clubs these places are only about doing your work and then finishing, but in the wedding party everyone wants to be happy to make the party crazier and everyone celebrates in their own way. Do you think the western influence on Egyptian music will continue? It will continue because the past does not come back, and everyone sings in their own way. Everyone is looking for something new to do. There are also a lot of songs that talk about bad things, but I'm talking about songs that have strong words and have a nice meaning. What do you say to those who think the American influence on Egyptian music is a bad thing? There are a lot of songs and every day there is a new song from every country, but the most important thing is not to bully the art and you must know what art it presents because there is a song about something he feels and there are also those who present something about something that happened with you. You must listen to every word in each song and understand the meaning of the words so that the judgment is correct about the song. What is your dream in your career? I am a person who did everything and had a good life in the past, so I don't have any dreams but the first and last dream is that I die and God is satisfied with me. What are your biggest inspirations? People understand well the meaning of art in all its colors and appreciate this, but we live in forests, everyone bullies you to feel that he is the best person and I hope that God makes their minds better and think well so that everyone lives happily.

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