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Spotlight On: Mido Fathelbab of Cairo

Interview and transliteration by Oriana

How did you get started in dance? I started when I was six years old in 1985. It was my first time dancing on stage, in a competition with judging and I took first place. The next day I found myself in the news paper and from then on I didn't stop dancing.

What organized groups have you been a part of ? I started in 1993 as a professional dancer in many dance troupe in Cairo. I joined the school of the Reda Troupe in 1996 and I lived with the troupe traveling to dance in the USA in 1997. I started working with different troupes as a soloist and as a manager until I formed my own private troupe in 2001. I have directed and choreographed artistic works for government events and festivals inside and outside of Egypt as well. Have you participated in international festivals in Egypt and/or abroad? I have participated in International festivals outside of Egypt and inside of course. I have been to many countries including the United States of America, Austria, Turkey, Greece, Jordan, Dubai, Lebanon, Croatia, Algeria, Libya, Eritrea, Ghana, Gabon, Ethiopia, Russia, India. Most of them are International festivals and the others are teaching culture, folklore, customs and traditions and teaching Egyptian folklore dances. As for the Belly Dance Festivals inside of Egypt; I worked with several organizers of different festivals but I most enjoyed working with the Salamat Masr Festival. I have worked with them for several years now, so I became a teacher and the director manager of the festival.

What do you think will happen to festivals and entertainment now that the coronavirus has become the biggest problem? About the nightmare, Covid-19 , it's impact on the whole world in terms of economic, social and cultural aspects as well: I hope that it will disappear soon. Technicality, work, education, training and teaching have been affected through the Internet, and this is not enough to teach the movements in a very long way (effectively). From near (in person classes) the difference is very big . I hope life is back very soon to normal as it was and gets better.

Mahmoud Mido Fathelbab is a professional performer & instructor in Cairo Egypt. He is also the manager of Salamat Masr. He can be contacted and found on Facebook and Instagram.

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