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Poetry by Ozgen

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

It just hurts when I don't have anything left to say It's just sad when I don't want the night to end For a sake of a new day to begin without me, real me Just want to find real me Who truly Actually me I just can't sleep One more night Knowing that morning will rise Without me, real me. Mr. Ozgen

Özgen is a professional Turkish style oriental dancer and instructor, and has performed, taught, choreographed and directed for the last 18 years. His reputation as a performer and teacher has taken him across the world. In Istanbul, he joined the cast of Night of the Sultans combining contemporary dance, ballet and oriental dance. Özgen taught for several years at the Tolgahan Dance School in Istanbul, and is now based in London, teaching and performing Turkish Oriental & Romani (Gypsy) dance internationally. Özgen was honored to have been recently awarded the Best Champion of Turkish Cypriot Culture 2017 by the Council of Turkish Cypriot Associations in Britain, at the recent Turkish Cypriot 2017 awards gala. Nowadays as well as touring with his musicals "Aşk (Love)" AND "Tales of a Sleeping Man"

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