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Online Courses with Source Instructors

From Oriana's desk: Every issue I'm going to try to include links, information and awareness of Egyptian, Turkish, and other MENAHT/SWANA instructors that are offering continuing courses and services online. This is by no means a complete listing, but my hope is that we will be encouraged to participate in instruction from these artists, seek out others and contribute to their willingness to share their cultural dance arts. Would you like to be listed? Please send your image and course information to: for the next issue. Fanoos Magazine is also in the beginning phases of offering online classes, lectures and workshops as a hosting platform and would love to partner with you! Please contact me at the email address above with your workshop idea and let's get started. Love, Oriana

Ibrahim Dimos Reda Style Dance Technique and Choreography Online with an active Reda Troupe Member Recordings Available Contact: IG @ibrahim_dimos Whatsapp +20 111 866 9208

Ahmed Elswify Lighthouse Arabic Academy You're going on a journey, a journey through us to Egypt! Yalla! Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to join our adventure. All you have to do is enroll in 'Egypt in 4 Days' – our Traveller , culture and language program all in one available online now! It's happening again. Experience it live through Zoom or via our educational platform with pre-recorded courses. Don't miss this limited chance to sign up for the live sessions or access the recordings if you can't join us live. To enroll for the full course, including 4 classes totaling 6 hours, sign up and download the pre-recordings as well. Limited Offer: ( 

Or sign up for the first 2 hours adventure for only $38 via PayPal at You can also download our course DVDs:

You can also study through our educational platform or download our course DVDs and CDs from [] Check out our Blog & Podcast: []

Hosam Elmansy Asst. Trainer of Reda Troupe He has been Reda Troupe Member & Soloist since 1996, participated in the international performances in many contexts.

Now he is an international Master Teacher, Choreographer, Instructor and Trainer since 2010, following the updated version of Folkloric Dance with keeping the Original content.

He was 1st Winner of ''Epdaa Egypt Reward'' for the Best Trainer 2016, 2017 and 2020. FB Facebook Instagram @elmansyhosam Whatsapp +20 122 280 1058

Mohamed Mshakel Custom music and song creation for dancers. FB Facebook IG official_mohamed_mshakel WhatsApp +20 155 453 8574

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