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In the Stars March 2022-Samia Gamal's Astro Chart

Astrological Forecast by Yvette Smith, Astrologist, Belly Dancer, Flamenco dancer, New Moon Productions Florida, Director What a whirl wind we had globally from December 19th to February 5th! With so many planets in overlapping retrogrades, it made the end of 2021 into 2022 really rough. It hit us financially to emotionally. Love life situations suffered and add miscommunication to that mix with computer issues. January was the hardest month astrologically speaking for all 2022. Now the good news! We got that out of the way!

February to May 28th JUPITER, the planet of luck, abundance and expansion is in its home of Pisces, what does this mean for us? Piscean energy means good luck, favorable events, creative surges, intuition amped up and love exalted. With Jupiter forming a conjunction to Neptune, dreams, goals or desires surface Love and Romance may come easily in 2022. This conjunction has not happened since 1856! Jupiter may cross through Pisces every 12 years, but Neptune’s journey in Pisces is not as frequent, making its conjunction with Jupiter a much rarer event. It should be a time when our imagination, ideas can now easily be shown into our lives. This offers an especially rare opportunity to pull on the creative, higher-level energies of the universe, through art, poetry, writing and creating new music, perhaps painters even find their muse to great time of embarking on new meditation techniques, yoga, meditating and especially for the dancers! We will feel very creative and even design everything from new costumes to new musical arrangements or dancing a new style or taking new classes, I highly recommend riding this conjunction my creative friends! Dreams will be more vivid, psychic people will be sharper and those working on their psychic gifts and skills will see an increase of their ability as Neptune and Jupiter together make a magical, dreamy global vibe.

I wanted to take a peek at a very famous belly dancer who had much Pisces in her chart! Her numerology is very incredible too.

Samia Gamal

Born March 5, 1924, Beni Suef, Egypt

Died December 1, 1994, Cairo, Egypt

Egyptian actress and belly dancer who rose to prominence in the 1940s and 1950s

Lets look at her numbers first.

Born 1924

1942 Gawhara, her debut picture, was released at age 18

In 1949, at age 25 (before her first Saturn return) King Farouk designated her as Egypt's National Dancer.

Took time off from active dancing but returned at age 50

She died at age 70

Her main placements here:

Sun Pisces

Moon Pisces

Mercury Pisces

Wow! She lived in a dream, most likely had spiritual gifts. She was kind, giving and she communicated as a Pisces. What you saw, was how she was. She loved exactly how she dreamed. A real living rare mermaid in my opinion.

Venus Aries! Fire! Impulsive, positive attitude.

Themes of independence, drive, desire, and embodiment of Aries traits. Youthful in appearance. Loved like an Aries but without the match going out like with Aries dominant chart people. She loved long and hard because she was a walking dream of creative, forgiving Pisces. This was a tough position for her love life; it's very hard for real life to match our highly imaginative dreamy triple Pisces mind! Most likely struggled in her love life/ but never giving up on love. Venus is also how we spend money; she surely had impulsive buys and enjoyed her money with beautiful collections. Costumes, to rare perfumes, to art.

Mars Sagittarius (Passion, Anger, temper. How we are when passionate about something)

Fire of adventure! Dreams of traveling and she did so, this placement sees life as an adventure. Also, very funny sense of humor. Less of the other fire sign energy like Leo or Aries, Sagittarius Mars really want to fun time, to do the unexpected.

I looked into her childhood and her 4th house in Virgo. She was most likely a very good helper, from chores to classes she aimed to please. She wanted to be perfect, she tried very hard all her childhood.

5th house in Libra, her surroundings, her decor. This placement shows she had a balanced youth environment and even had many creature comforts as a young girl.

Her love life may have never been truly fulfilled so I feel dance was her escape. Dance, the audience always loved her back.

In 1958, at age 34/35 Samia Gamal married Roshdy Abaza, one of the most famous Egyptian actors with whom Samia starred in a number of films. Samia Gamal stopped dancing around 1972 at age 50 but began again after by Samir Sabri. She then danced until the early 1980s.(age 60)

Samia Gamal died on 1 December 1994, at age 70 years of age, in Cairo.

How fascinating. At ages 18, 25, 35,50,70 major life events!

I enjoyed looking at her natal chart and getting to know her in some way. Astrology is science. When you are born each person has a unique planetary alignment and it makes each of us how we are. Astrology helps us understand the "why" we are, the "why" things happen when they do.

If you would like a personal natal chart reading you can contact me via email or via IN THE STARS Facebook page. If you have a chart suggestion of a famous dancer you would like me to discuss in the next issue, please email us your suggestions.

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