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In the Stars June 2022

Summer Astrological Forecast by Yvette Smith, Astrologist, Egyptian Bellydancer

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What's up pussy cat? How did you all like that Mercury retrograde energy for most of all May WITH the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune moving out of Pisces! I don't know about you, but I had a heck of a May! Between crying and dancing it was an explosion of creative energy, psychic dreams and feeling this Pisces energy, globally. If you had any unusual or reoccurring dreams and don't quite understand them, please submit them to Fanoos and I will analyze a few dreams in the next issue.

Now for the good part, we have a glorious summer coming our way in terms of energy. As we released much in May the conjunction will show its resonance all year, especially for water dominated charts. (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

June, July, August will be robust and happy with no planets in a negative placement but with that being said what I predict is a hefty rainy season. Hurricanes, storms, tornadoes. When this astrological event happened of the conjunction it effects our water, oceans, weather! so place that never saw rain, will get almost a flood. Places that never saw fires will see fire. This is normal that weather gets wonky after a powerful energy shift like we had. So be mindful that weather anomalies will occur, stay safe, prepare early. I'm in Florida so, as you can imagine our hurricane systems will be crazy and I think for Texas and Louisiana too. Hunker down! No, the sky is not falling, no the Universe is not punishing certain states its simply an after effect from the conjunction.

This summer, if you are a dancer; I encourage you to take more workshops and learn as much as you can so in fall season you will have new dances to do/perform/teach. Most of September is in retrograde in the sign of Virgo which will make us have trouble focusing on details or remembering choreography. Most of us are already hard on ourselves as it is when we dance and September will test your self confidence! So stock up this summer of education, absorb lovely new dance adventures. Try a new prop, or step out of your comfort zone and be extra creative. Don't let September retrograde doubt your ability. I would advise not to start something brand new during a retrograde, it just never sticks. So learn all summer and your September will be a smooth transition and your new knowledge you got during June, July and August will be set in stone.

I prefer to keep my astrological predictions or a "heads up" as positive as possible, but life is about balance. I predict a financial crunch for most of us in August as we prepare for school (of course we have that September retrograde) so save money. For example: repurpose some old costumes into new creations! Go to workshops with 3 or 4 friends and save on car rentals, gas, or hotel room costs. Gas prices will remain high until November and the Crisis in Ukraine will last the rest of the year into 2023. The after math really being visible by December 2022 as Mars goes into retrograde to Jan 2023. Lets talk about that in the next issue, shall we?

Love. How is your love life going to be? Come here, closer...its going to be sensational! The Pisces energy will radiate on you all year (except for September and late December) This summer is the perfect time for a new look, haircut, new fresh makeup ideas too! You will be attracting a lot of new attention, so be cute boo.

I predict a lot of new baby conceptions this July so watch for that steamy month, if you know what I mean. As with dancing I encouraged you to learn this summer address this in your personal life too. Try new things with your partner, have fun, nobody knows what happens behind closed doors so...enjoy your summer!

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