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For the Love of Travel and Dance

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

By Nizana El Rassan

There are benefits to enjoying travel as it opens up a whole new world of dance communities to you with their similarities and differences. Traveling to the countries where the dances emanated from is the ultimate that only some dancers are able to attain. There are plenty of opportunities to experience the dance with local and regional travel as well. It worked out great that I was able to combine my love of travel with my love of this dance style. While I have never traveled abroad to attend a festival or study, I have traveled extensively throughout the US and have performed and studied in a number of cities in Washington, California and Florida, as well as in Hawaii, Utah and Idaho. I also got to take a class in Italy that my friend/troupe member and I discovered by noticing a poster on a telephone pole! As a writer, I enjoy reading about others journeys that include dance. I have a passport and have thought about taking a trip to Egypt or Turkey as both have great festivals that have piqued my interest. In the interim, I have taken opportunities to support local, regional and sometimes national events. I had my heart set on going to Albuquerque and seeing Bal Anat this year, but it ended up not working out due to scheduling some other travels between family and work. On the plus side, I will be traveling cross country to teach and perform in a festival I used to be on the planning committee for back when I lived there. I am excited to co-teach with Night in the Global Village team member David Metz in a workshop on dancing to live music, on April 29th! The festival, Spokane Bellyfest, is hosted by original NGV team member, Yalayna, and we will all be sharing a stage with yet another original NGV team member, Nefabit. David will be traveling cross-state for the event. The early bird special will remain available to anyone who mentions they read this article! It's a great way to meet new dancers, take new classes, entertain new audiences and be entertained. To make it more affordable, you can share hotel rooms and some forms of transportation, look for deals and discounts, pack light so you’re not paying luggage check-in fees and maybe even combine it with a trip you might have had to make anyway (have costume, will travel.) Planning in advance can also save you some money on travel as well as ensure availability of tickets to the gala show or workshops. This might also enhance your ability to get a performance slot. There are several festivals back up and running as well as smaller local shows to support, but there is a limit as to how many can participate and not quite as many haflas and shows as there used to be. If you want to travel in your armchair, you can watch dancers from around the world in the Night in the Global Village online haflas that have been running for almost 3 years! Dancers from all over the US, as well as Canada, the UK, New Zealand, Belgium, China, Germany, South Africa, Mexico, Peru and other countries have performed in the NGV. See you in the Village, and maybe in your town! Night in the Global Village: Spokane Bellyfest (Workshops, Performances and Vending-April 29th, 2023)

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