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Exclusive Song Translation by Prof. Ahmed Elswify

In the enchanting world of linguistics and translation, Ahmed Elswify stands out as a prominent figure, bringing the beauty of the Arabic language to life. As an Arabic Language Teacher and Certified Linguist, Ahmed’s passion for language permeates his work, making him a distinguished member of the Egyptian and Arabic associations of professional linguists and translators.

Translation Expertise:

Ahmed’s prowess extends to his translation services, where he skillfully crafts words to bridge linguistic gaps. His email address,, serves as a gateway for those seeking his expertise in translating various content, ensuring a seamless communication experience.

Musical Translation Offer:

Beyond language, Ahmed’s talents shine in the realm of Arabic language & music. As an avid enthusiast of Arabic tunes, he offers Arabic language classes through his center Lighthouse in Egypt in Giza & online too at []( He has created many workshops for performers & dancers, such as Essential Arabic for Dancers & Arabic body language workshops, and taught them in many international Dance & Culture festivals in Egypt & all over the globe. He also provides translation CDs for Tarab, classical Arabic songs, and Shaabbi, folkloric songs. These CDs can be found at his online bookstore, [](, providing a unique opportunity to explore the depth and richness of Arabic musical traditions.

Tarab Translation CD - Golden Era vol 1 [](

Now our Christmas gift to all Readers translated by him: -

Captivating Translation of Tarab be3ed 3anak – Umm Kalthum:


نسيت النوم ……واحلامه

Nasser El-noom ..we Ahlamo

I’ve forgotten how to fall asleep! And I don’t have dreams anymore.

نسيت لياليه وأيامه

Nasset Layalih … we Ayamoh

I lost my sense of time. I’ve forgotten how to feel. Days and Nights…

بعيد عنك حياتي عذاب ..بعيد عنك

Baeed 3annak ..hayaty 3azab .ba3ed Anak

My life becomes such a torture & A Nightmare since you have been Far from me!

ماتبعدنيش بعيد عنك

Mateb3dnesh ba3eed 3annak

Please Don’t ever go far from me again.

ماليش غير الدموع احباب

.malesh gheeer El-demo3 Ahbab

I have nothing here but teardrops.

معاها بعيش بعيد عنك

MA3aha ba3esh be3eed 3annak

I live with these tears, suffering from being far from you.

غلبني الشوق

Ghalbny el-shoo2

This passion made me frustrated.

وليل البعد دوبني

We – leil el-bo3d dawebny

And the sleepless nights melted me.

ومهما البعد حيرني

We mahma el-bo3d hayerny

And no matter how much the passion keeps me up.

ومهما السهد سهرني

We mahma el-sohd saharny

And no matter how much the separation confuses me.

This fire of love will never change me and change this feeling I feel about you! & Distance and time will never separate us again...

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