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"Belly Dance Business 101: The Beginners Guide to Being a Professional Belly Dancer"

The new book by Helen Blondel Helen Blondel is a professional singer and dancer with almost two decades of experience in entertainment. Her passion for art has led her to amazing opportunities such as dancing on Univision's Sabado Gigante and appearing on the Wonderful World of Disney Holiday Celebration. She has danced at a myriad of restaurants and participated in several competitions.

Over the years, Helen recently discovered a passion for teaching, especially belly dance. For this reason, she founded BellyPOP, an educational wellness community meant to teach this art form. Just a few months ago, Helen launched her first Course dedicated to instructing the fundamentals of belly dance. With dozens of sign-ups within the first few months, an additional topic came to mind-- the transition from student to a pro dancer.

Helen covers this topic in her new book, Belly Dance Business 101. She was first motivated to write a how-to book on the subject after getting numerous inquiries on what is needed to go pro. "Dance students often ask me how they, too, can begin dancing at gigs and make money for their shows. The truth is, the answer is not that simple. There are many factors involved and also multiple routes one can take. Responding half-heartedly would be doing them an injustice, so I decided to write a step-by-step book," Helen says.

Belly Dance Business 101 is ideal for performers who have already studied belly dance and feel confident in their ability to excel at gigs, but just need help in getting to that next level which is becoming a paid professional. In the book, Helen stresses the importance of handling yourself as a business and continually references back to general business practices when conducting yourself as a paid performer.

In this book, she covers subjects like branding, online presence, pricing, correspondence, professionalism, etiquette, and much more. While Belly Dance Business 101 is primarily written for those with an interest in belly dance, performers of all kinds can gain valuable knowledge from this book. Having also immersed herself in the performance industry as a singer, Helen draws parallels between the different fields within the entertainment business, and her formula for this guide is influenced by her industry experiences as a whole.

Belly Dance Business 101 is available on Paperback and eBook at the following retailers:

Amazon (eBook & Paperback):

Books A Million (Paperback Only):

Helen Blondel is passionate about belly dance and has appeared on televised programs such as "Despierta America" and "Sabado Gigante" on Univision as a belly dancer. She is also the 1st Place winner of the Miami Belly Dance Convention Professional Group Category with the Bellymotions RAKettes, as well as Orientalisimo's winner of Best Nine of March 2020.

Helen has performed at a myriad of venues in Central & South Florida, including Kababi Cafe, Hookita Lounge, Makani, Cafe Istanbul, Tehran Hookah Lounge, & Dar Tagine.  She is the former Belly Dance Instructor of Florida International University recreation in Miami.

In January 2020, Helen founded her wellness brand, BellyPOP™. BellyPOP™ is all about bringing out your inner belly dance goddess! She aims to show others that they are beautiful regardless of what society teaches them to think. In addition to online how-to workout videos, BellyPOP™ also consists of blogs, vlogs, and a published Intro to Belly Dance course.

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