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Baladi and Golden Era Costumes

Quick and Easy PDF Infographics for your Convenience! By Amara Sayid Download your free Baladi and Golden Era costuming pdfs here to share and use!

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Costume by Eshta Amar

Specializing in the Egyptian style and folklore-inspired dances, Amara Sayid is recognized by her heartfelt performances exuding great elegance, emotion, and musicality. Her deep-rooted admiration and dedication to this art form is evident through her decades of studying and experience.

Under the instruction of Samay, Amara began her love for dance in 2001. Showcasing a profound aptitude for her art, three years later Amara was one of the few chosen to join Samay Mideast Performing Company as the youngest member of the troupe. In 2009, she was named Assistant Director of the dance troupe. In 2014, Amara became the Artistic Director of the school, continuing the beautiful, creative, and soulful legacy of her mentor Samay.

She shared the 1st place win with Azhar Dance Ensemble in the (2013) USA Belly Dance Queen Competition - Troupe Category, and is the 1st place winner of the (2014) Lelah Masriya Dance Competition (Pro-Soloist Category) in Cairo, Egypt. Amara’s artistic goal is to maintain the beauty of Middle Eastern Dance by performing with elegance, grace, and authenticity. Amara Sayid is the Artistic Director of Mid East Performing Arts Academy and teaches weekly classes virtually and in person. For more information, please visit: or follow Amara on several social media platforms: Facebook - Amara Sayid, Instagram: @amara.sayid, tiktok: @amarasayid and YouTube: Amara’s World (

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